Global Cities

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Tim Thayer/Robert Hensleigh

Artist Statement

Global Cities portrays twenty–nine cities in hand blown glass with vinyl cut drawings demonstrating dramatic population trends and establishing links to a variety of international cities. As an installation it is an assembly of suspended glass objects, a world map atop an interlocking plinth, and multicolored vinyl graphics on the wall.  The size, color, and form of each glass object demonstrate how population data can be expressed visually over time.

Within the installation there are ways to see trends and the effect of global events – the influence of both World Wars on St. Petersburg, Berlin, Warsaw, and Tokyo to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to the impact of colonialization on regional population distribution. Used as a decorative element and a way to develop the discussion of population trends, the white reticello network stretches to follow the contour of the shapes.

Global Cities Hyperallergic Review